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waiting to grab the booty

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I would have just swung

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SZA came to Toronto to perform at Tattoo for Redbull Sound Select. I had a pleasure of interviewing SZA and the Local artist opening up for her show for Manifesto TV . Shi wisdom, Allie, and KJ were the Redbull Sound Select artist chosen to open up for SZA. If you thought she was an amazing singer over audio think again. Her aura and the way she vibes out to her own songs makes the performance more intimate. She was nervous at first because this is her first Toronto showcase alone without anyone from TDE .She closed her eyes and danced the night away to songs like Ice moon,Babylon, Aftermath and more. Everyone that was there also seemed like they were having a fun time during the intermissions Dj LissaMonet was giving us those soulful joints with a mix of turn up music. Over all the show was filled with nothing but positive good vibes. 

The Photographer behind this event goes by the name of Kadeem Ellis ~ (@kadeemellis) follow his phenomenal work  

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